Monday, May 16, 2011

Death of Peace process: Netanyahu - willing to cede land for true peace, Erekat: Negotiations Over!

It's pretty clear who wants to make peace and who demands a militarized state without obligation to peace here.

Netanyahu: Israel willing to 'cede parts of our homeland' for true peace
Prime Minister tells Knesset that a Palestinian government that refuses to recognize Israel is no partner for peace; he also says Israel must stop blaming itself for the cycle of violence and start looking at the 'reality' of the situation with 'open eyes'.

Head of negotiations at the PLO responds:
Erekat: Negotiations with Israel are over
Fatah Central Committee member Saeb Erekat said at a Geneva Initiative conference in Tel-Aviv that "there is no peace partner in Israel today.

"The negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians are over. I'm tired of the Israelis ignoring me; I'm tired of people trying to dictate to me what is good and what is not," he said

Who let this troll in Israel proper? An enemy who refuses to negotiate is an enemy not worth getting an entrance visa.

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