Monday, May 02, 2011

Thinking out loud: Why did Obama choose to kill OBL, and not take him alive?

Just having a public conversation straight from my living room to your computer screen. Why dead-or-alive, turned to dead and dump the body quick? Options raised:

* Due to political cowardice, Obama politically couldn't place OBL in Gitmo due to his promises to the left, and if he would have brought him to US soil he'd have to give him Miranda rights and he'd be attacked for it by the right.

* Fear of hostage taking to free OBL

* Avoid arguing with DoJ Holder about where to conduct a trial...

* Death of Al-Quadea leader has a bigger impact in the war. It's an exclamation mark, instead of coma in the history page. Gives the option to declare war-over, mission accomplished and pulling the troops.

* It's an election play?


Brennen just announced that if they'd had the opportunity to take him alive they would have. So... no political calculation? Then again - I believe we've heard Obama mention yesterday he ordered him dead. Oh well.

Long story short, all rejoice - the witch is dead! And that's a good thing for everyone.

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