Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Netanyahu: Abbas is a big fat liar who wants to establish state only to perpetuate conflict

I added the "big fat" part. I would also add Holocaust denier, an aging relic, a corrupt pawn, a useless puppet who lost his KGB overlords, should I continue? Arafat's successor is as caricaturist as his former boss.

PM: Abbas' op-ed is blatant distortion of historic facts
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' opinion piece, which was published in the New York Times, expresses "a blatant distortion of historic, known and documented facts."

"We can conclude from (the article) that the Palestinian leadership sees the establishment of a Palestinian state as way to perpetuate the conflict with Israel instead of ending it."

There can't be honest negotiations when one side rewrites history to suit his needs. What am I saying, they refused to negotiate for more than 2 years... and now is lying to gather support for his next moves which are intended to achieve the opposite of peace.

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