Sunday, May 01, 2011

President Obama to announce: Bin-Laden body found

From USA-Breaking-News twitter, via google-news:
USABreakingNews USA Breaking News
URGENT NEWS:: USABreakingNews has confirmed from the House Intelligence Committee that Osama bin Laden is dead. The U.S. has his body now.

It appears Geraldo Riviera also announced in live on fox news.

11:12PM, it's all over the web. Here's fox-news article:
Usama Bin Laden is Dead, Say Sources
Usama bin Laden is dead, multiple sources confirm to Fox News.

President Obama is expected to deliver a statement from the White House Sunday night to discuss the major development.

Sources said bin Laden was killed by a U.S. bomb a week ago. The U.S. had been waiting for the results of a DNA test to confirm his identity.

The announcement comes nearly a decade after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks which started a tireless hunt for the terrorist mastermind and Al Qaeda leader.

Throwback, south-park's killing of Bin-Laden:

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