Saturday, March 06, 2010

UNSC won't make decision on Iran,swift anti Israel proclimations, Obama won't veto

That's it - the masks are off. Obama IS anti-Israel. This administration won't be a friend of Israel in the United Nations Security Counsel - and does allow all of its enemies to go wild. Then they come up with excuses, but what just happened is inexcusable. End of story, Israel had better stand on its principles and wait for next administration, because this one is purely hostile. Democratic party has gone to the dark side - the far left side - the anti-Israeli side (and you can add whatever other conclusion regarding Obama and Hillary Clinton as you wish, I'm thinking it - you're probably thinking it too)

US repudiates UN remark on clashes
Official denies US agreed to Security Council statement voicing 'concern at current tense situation in occupied Palestinian territories, including east Jerusalem', but says US didn't block it due to 'procedural confusion'

A US official denied on Friday that Washington had consented to a UN Security Council statement to reporters voicing concern about the fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinians.

Confusion? So the excuse is "we're incompetent"? How about you are liars who just realized how badly you were exposed?!

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