Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hamas, rulers of Gaza, rob banks

Sharia paradise - materializing.

Hamas seizes $270,000 in frozen funds from bank
Employees of a Gaza bank say Hamas police officers seized $270,000 from a Gaza City branch, claiming they had a court order allowing them to take funds that had been frozen by their Palestinian rivals in Fatah.

The Islamic militant group has been in a bitter dispute with the Western-backed leaders of Fatah since seizing control of the Gaza Strip in 2007 in battles that left the Palestinians with rival governments. Fatah controls the West Bank.

Bank staff spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

Hamas Interior Ministry spokesman Ehab Ghussein confirmed money was taken and said the funds were for a Gaza medical organization whose assets had been frozen by the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

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