Monday, March 15, 2010

Morning speculations

Update: I just read on walla that Israel's Musad chief thinks recent artificial crisis is result of Obama's 'Global Islamic Agenda'. WOW, not sure it's true.

It seems that not everyone in the USA has gone insane with anti-Israeli opinions. Check out an op-ed on Wall-Street Journal: Obama's Turn Against Israel

I'm sure we'll see more of these very soon. In the meanwhile, here's a bunch of conspiratory speculations I came up with - if anyone quotes them as facts he deserves a head check. I'm just guessing here;

List of things the USA admin might really be angry about and why they might have started recent crisis with Israel:

• Obama needed an excuse to stop any efforts to halt Iran's nukes.
• Sabotaging CIA operations in Iran and Dubai by assassination of Hamas leader
• Snubbing a few Hamas sponsoring congressmen as they toured Israel with anti-Israel group ‘J-Street’
• So called ‘blockade’ of Gaza. Obama and his people made a few statements regarding this, accepting all Hamas-propaganda and deflecting reality.
• Acceptance of several anti-Semitic creeds published blaming Israel ties and Jewish lobbies for the ills of the world. Promotions to every anti-Semite inside CIA and FBI to key positions. Listening to Jeremiah Wright.
• Stopping CIA vehicles at roadblocks around west bank as they employ Arabs – who try to run over soldiers at stops, and smuggle people in and out without any coordination.
• Nobel Peace prize demands a sacrifice. Jews are the easy target.
• Obama could be offended that France is more adamant regarding Iran then he is, blaming da-jooooos for this ‘affront’.
• Israel’s refusal to allow more funds to Gaza (which they do allow, and Obama does fund)
• Vengeance due to public opinion of Obama in Israel. A whole 7% approval rating.
• It’s a policy dictated by the same guy who wants to cut NASA funds and force it to give away technology to Muslim countries
• It’s a policy by the guy who hired Sami-Al-Arian supporter as advisor, speech writer, and emissary to OIC
• This is the result of ‘engagement’ with OIC
• The behind closed doors result of talks between Iran and Obama
• Israel’s arms makers competition with USA’s created lobbyist pressure and Obama is acting to assist American industry.(Very unlikely, those were Bush’s actions)
• Sale of arms to Moscow. (Again, unlikely – Obama standing for USA’s interests again Russia? Nope)
• Angry about Israel’s reaction to renewed ties with Syria
• Israel might have said a word or two regarding USA’s assistance to Lebanon while they are defacto controlled by Hezbollah
• Obama blaming all the Al-Queda attacks on the USA since he got in on the Israel-USA relationship and wishes to end it.

Leverage the USA might be using behind closed doors against Israel:

• Promote UN declaration of Palestinian state.
• Promote Goldstone blood libel to UNSC, followed by anti Israel measures at UNSC
• Prevent crucial arms orders and parts necessary to deal with Hezbollah, Syria and Iran
• Supply even more advanced weaponry to Jordan, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia
• Cutting military financing (that’s the only aid Israel receives from America – USA made and financed military goods)
• Actively exposing Israeli intelligence operations (that would be the worst one country can do to another)
• Hurting major Israeli business interests
• Promoting EU sanctions against Israel
• Promoting Quartet pressure on Israel
• More funds to Gaza
• Further actual public humiliation of Israel through very public rebukes
• Not doing a thing regarding Iran. That is, continue to do nothing.
• Ending diplomatic ties, starting sanctions. (With this administration? Everything’s possible)
• Sanctions on Israel’s arms producers
• Vetoes on Israel’s arms deals around the world
• Preventing Israeli citizens from entering USA with tourist Visas (Oh – wait, they are already making it difficult)
• Bomb Jewish Cities. (This is one of the great advice given to Obama by certain anti-Semites he hired as advisors)

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