Friday, March 12, 2010

Attention anti-Israel bleeding hearts: BBC reporter recounts his horrors at hands of Hamas

Just a note though - he had it easy AND he was released. Many have not been so lucky. Don't let the NIF, Goldstone, UN be bothered by such things though - it's always Israel and Jews in their mind who are committing 'human rights violations'. If Israelis would do a third of the evil things the Arabs are doing without a peep from the liberal hypocrites...

'Excruciating days': journalist Paul Martin recounts Gaza detention
A British journalist arrested by the Hamas authorities in Gaza has been released after nearly a month in detention.

Paul Martin was the first foreigner to be detained in Gaza since Hamas took over in the Palestinian territory in 2007.

He wasn't charged with anything but one Hamas leader has said Mr Martin was suspected of serious security offences related to his work as a journalist and of being in touch with Gazans suspected of collaborating with Israel.

In an exclusive interview for Newshour just hours after his release, the BBC's Claire Bolderson asked him how he felt after 27 days in captivity?

Click on the link for the BBC audio.

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