Thursday, March 25, 2010

KFC Goes Halal in Britainistan

I might have 'double posted' the substance of the following post at Weasel Zippers and that's why it was taken off - however, the content of the post had more to it - so I'm bringing it back here, for better or worse. To Ray - your comments will be blocked here.

This one is dedicated to reader Ray - who thinks the USA is worse off and that the Arabs should have murdered all those Jewish terrorists in the 40-s as they ran for their lives out of Europe. Stay classy nationalist British people - you bring no hope for your home country - as your only answer to onslaught of Islam is racism. Good luck with that.

Moonbattery: KFC Goes Halal in Britainistan

not to say any of us are happy of kowtowing to Islam in the US. It's just that we have a few sane people here who manage to focus their criticism of Islam without being a local version of the Nazi party.

And if anyone is confused as to what I'm discussing here, please review comments on this thread on Zip. Allow me to be clear on my condemnation of Racists of all creeds.

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