Friday, March 12, 2010

Sharia Paradise in Gaza finds new targets: Barber shops

Actually, the article says its 'Hair Stylists'. To which - I'd say Al Bundy from 'married with children' would probably agree with the Hamasholes.

Male Hair Stylists Under Threat in Gaza
Male hair stylists in Gaza are now under threat. A new order from Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, says any man who cuts a woman's hair will face legal consequences.

For women who wear the hijab, or headscarf, Islamic tradition forbids showing their hair to men who are not related. But hair stylists were never a problem for Hamas--until now.

"I am worried," said hair salon owner Adnan Barakat. "This is my work. This is my life."

Barakat has owned his salon in Gaza for 19 years. He says he is one of only five men who cut hair in Gaza.

Fox News has learned that a bomb was even placed outside his salon recently by extremists.

Obviously, looking like a trimmed, showered, clean and descent human being isn't Islamic. More filth, less shampoo please.

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