Monday, March 15, 2010

Speculations, or actually accepting news at face value

Contrarian Thought: It’s all Bibi’s fault

I’m playing with this notion. I’m not expressing it as an actual truth. Suppose I accept Joe Biden’s speech at face value, and his condemnation and hurt feelings as he stated them.

Then the chain of events as described by the media is as follows:

• Biden arrives in Israel to reaffirm good relations between Israel and USA and jump start peace negotiations.
• Bibi gets cold feet regarding prospect of signing anything that leads to a Palestinian state with sovereignty over Kotel. Orders quick jab and makes sure Biden is notified of plans for new construction in ‘eastern Jerusalem’
• Biden, surrounded by far lefty loons such as Chris Mathews, becomes enraged and takes this move personally – decides to skip dinner with Bibi.
• Eventually, he decides that would be too much and actually sits for dinner with Bibi – but makes sure he makes Bibi wait. If he could, he would sit Bibi at a lower chair.
• The conversation over dinner becomes a harsh exchange of words, at which Biden become convinced Bibi is doing it all on purpose.
• Biden reaches the conclusion the USA cannot continue putting pressure on Iran while Bibi is in charge, and refuses to kowtow to USA’s demands regarding Palestinian state.
• Biden gives a speech in Tel Aviv University, stressing USA’s commitment against Iranian nukes and how Bibi personally hurts those efforts.
• As soon as Biden gets on plane back, phones Obama and demands further actions against Bibi. It’s all personal.
• Clinton phones Bibi, media in the USA finally catches up to flare up of emotions and deterioration in relations, anti-Semites in Obama's administration seize opportunity to advance Islamic goals on Israel’s expense.

Buying it? Or does the prior post makes more sense? What would be the goal of the public flogging the Obama admin is inflicting on Israel?

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