Sunday, March 14, 2010

Biden, Clinton, Axelrod: Dwelling for Jews - an afront to USA, burning Jewish babies - not so much

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There have actually been more than 7 terror attacks on Jews by Arabs in the last 4 months. All 7 had actual human beings hurt - none caused any comment by USA's officials. Also, the PA has named a square after an arch terrorist while Biden was visiting, and still not a peep. The following is just an example of the kind of barbarity current USA admin has no trouble with and expects victims to ignore as well.

Arab Firebomb Wounds Father and Baby Son on Highway 443

Arab terrorists lightly wounded a father and his nine-month-old baby boy on Saturday night with a firebomb (Molotov cocktail) on “terror highway 443," which connects Jerusalem with the city of Modi’in. The terrorists escaped. Medics treated the father and baby at the scene.

Loony Uncle Joe - Frick you.

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