Monday, March 01, 2010

Antisemites to ban entrance of Israelis who are already banned

Next proclamations:
* They will double hate the Jews.
* Until now they were racist, from now on - they will be racist.
* No more full throttle espionage allowed in Dubai. Oh, except by everyone whose nose doesn't appear too jooooooish
* Dubai will no longer be religiously tolerant. Try saying that keeping a straight face.
* Dubai will no longer stand for being the butt of Dubai jokes. Just the anus.
* Dubai will from now on enable Hamas and Hezbollah operatives to enter and leave as they wish with all the kidnapped Israelis they can stuff in their luggage.
* Next course in Dubai police academy: How to identify a joooooooooish passport.

Dubai's farce of investigation without any proofs and daily accusations is beyond comical. It's almost sad. All this non-stop spying on your citizens and banned internet sites - and nothing to show for...

Look at this guy, someone hire him as a comedian star, quick!

Dubai Restricts Israeli Entry After Killing
Dubai's police chief said it will enforce an entry ban on Israeli dual nationals, the first sanction by the emirate following its allegations Israeli intelligence agents murdered a top Hamas leader there in January.

Though the countries have no diplomatic ties, Israeli dual nationals, mostly business people, have entered the United Arab Emirates relatively unhindered under second passports.

The Emirates will seek to identify Israelis by "physical features and the way they speak.'' said Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim.

A spokesman for the Israeli prime minister's office declined to comment on the announcement.

Shunned throughout most of the Arab world, Israel prizes even the most minimal trapping of normalization with any country the Middle East.

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