Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's not that I don't have anything to post... I'm just disgusted by the news

I wanted to post 'Captain Crunch visits Holy-land' to mock Biden's diplomatic abilities. However things escalated and deteriorated so fast - I just didn't know how to wrap it up.

Things are going to hell in a hand-basket and Biden in my opinion is to blame. You be the judge though.

Unreliable 'Debka' claims the following:
* Jerusalem expansion spurred by Biden's clampdown on Israeli action on Iran
* Gates clarifies US Iran policy in Riyadh after Biden fails in Israel

AP: US-Israel row highlights quandary over settlements

"This is a global message of American weakness and Israeli arrogance," said Palestinian lawmaker Hanan Ashrawi.

The vice president's visit had been largely aimed at repairing U.S.-Israeli ties strained over the very same issue now overshadowing Biden's trip: Jewish settlements. Palestinians and the U.S. consider settlements built on lands claimed by the Palestinians to be obstacles to peace.

Biden condemned the Israeli announcement and pointedly arrived 90 minutes late to a dinner with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


How very diplomatic.

Ynetnews: Arab League chief: Palestinians pull of talks - why should they make an effort? Obama and Biden just put all the blame on Israel again, as they continue to court and suck up to the Arabs.

Biden says Palestinians deserve 'viable' state - don't be shy, let us know where you stand Biden.

Also: Biden: You Don't Have to be Jewish to be a Zionist - so now building homes for Jews in Jerusalem is the opposite of zionism? Please Obama/Biden dumb-ass-ery - please explain how you define your approach as 'zionism'?

Meanwhile, 'friends and allies' continue to stab the Jewish people in the back - seeing that the former only 'real friend of Israel' is abandoning Israel:
European Parliament backs Goldstone report - at which point, a decent human being would say - screw you EU, Biden and other 'friends'. With friends like these - who needs enemies. And frankly, I think Israel has enough enemies. So thank you very much western world for such a great middle finger salute to the rights of Jews to live. Gee - how can you top that?

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