Wednesday, August 05, 2009

An Op-Ed on JPost: Criticism of Obama by Jews is Chutzpa

WTF? What planet did this guy come from?!

At least Dershowitz recognized the positives in that Jews are not one entity voting and supporting one way or the other, rather bipartisan - self thinking individuals who disagree on many different matters - but mainly agree on support for Israel, therefor vote for either R or D, while trying to exert some influence where they participate politically.

Says it's Chutzpa to disagree and criticize dear leader. Chutzpa?! This Op-Ed is Chutzpa!

The chutzpah of Obama's Jewish critics
US President Barack Obama and his administration are making an unprecedented effort to reach out to the Jewish community. The president has made moving the Middle East toward peace a priority and has spoken of the "unbreakable" bond we share with Israel. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons "futile," and last week Obama had some of his most senior foreign policy figures meet with top Israeli officials - in Israel. Yet, there are still those who leap at any chance to attack the president, including in an op-ed in last week's The New York Times, "Why Won't Obama Talk to Israel?" by Aluf Benn.

First, it is important to bring perspective to the vocal group of individuals in our community who remain unhappy with our president. Despite this group's extraordinary efforts to smear Obama in the Jewish community during last year's campaign, the president received 78% of the Jewish vote. The media has much experience overhyping the man-bites-dog Obama-has-a-Jewish-problem story, but at some point Obama's actual record ought to beat out salacious copy.

THE SMALL anti-Obama wing of the Jewish community has long found refuge in Web sites like American Thinker, where their fictional understanding of the presidency is confirmed (a representative title: "Obama's hostility to Israel is clear"). But there are some times when elements of their argument spill into more respectable platforms such as The New York Times and The Washington Post.

One can't get past the title of Benn's op-ed in the NYTimes without being struck by the question he poses: "Why won't Obama talk to Israel?" Benn asserts that "neither the president nor any senior administration official has given a speech or an interview aimed at an Israeli audience." He then dramatically writes, "The Arabs got the Cairo speech; we [Israel] got silence."

Beyond the notion that Obama happened to be standing in front of an Arab audience, it is hard to understand how Benn misses the fact that Obama was not only speaking to the people in the room. In this digital world with the power of the Internet and a 24/7 news cycle, the president was addressing all of us - including Israel. This was especially true when the president spoke clearly and powerfully about America's unbreakable bond with Israel in front of that Arab audience. The message to Israelis was clear: You do your part for peace and I'll pressure the Arab states to do the same. Meaning, Obama is not going to rely on the political playbook of platitudes when dealing with Israel and her neighbors.

It goes on... and on.... keep on drinking the cool-aid and refusing to listen. Opposing Obama is by no measure "Chutzpa", it is what people in a free society are entitled to do.

Just one simple note regarding criticism of Obama when it comes to Israel: All pressure in his middle east policy was directed towards Israel and only Israel - promoting Arab stubbornness towards making any concessions, while de-facto promoting apartheid policies in Israel's capital. Race based discrimination in real estate against Jews - who's showing his Churzpa here?!

Well... guess who the writer of this piece of garbage is? click here...

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