Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Peres to Republicans: No peace means nuclear Mideast

Is he asking the Republicans to support Obama's pressure on Israel? Wait, whose side is he on?

Peres: No peace means nuclear Mideast
President Shimon Peres warned Tuesday that if Israel dallied on the peace front, the Middle East would almost certainly reach "a point of no return" en route to turning into a region teeming with nuclear weapons.

Speaking to a delegation of Republican congress members, Peres said Israel should ask itself two questions: Which kind of peace could it obtain, and what would happen if peace was not obtaine? He said it would be a "mistake" if a chance for peace was passed up.

Peres also warned his audience that Iran should be prevented from developing nuclear weapons.

From my experience, Peres's peace agreements with Arabs tend to go kaboom.

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