Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Report says US successfully countered Jihadi recruitment of Somalis in Minneapolis

I'm skeptic. But hopeful. I'm always skeptically hopeful. (there's was an awesome sketch in Hebrew about 12 years ago about the usage of the word 'skeptic')

Somali leader: Jihad recruiting slows
After 20 Twin Cities Somali men disappeared and then turned up in Somalia with a terrorist group, U.S. government scrutiny and parental vigilance have countered the problem, said Saeed Fahia, a Somali elder.

A prominent Minneapolis Somali community leader said Tuesday that he believes the recruitment of young Somali-Americans from the Twin Cities to fight jihad in their homeland has slowed or stopped.

Speaking at a workshop to address the issue, Saeed Fahia, executive director of the Confederation of Somali Communities of Minnesota, said the radicalization of Somali youth here is "over." The combination of worldwide media and law enforcement scrutiny, coupled with greater vigilance by parents, has caused the recruiting pipeline here to dry up, he said.

"It's come to a halt. People felt this has gone too far," Fahia said. "And the thing is, parents are really alert. Many parents are saying, 'Where are my children? Who do they talk to?' You don't trust anybody.

Found the skeptic sketch, it's in Hebrew without subtitles, and most Hebrew speakers probably saw it... still:

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