Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Winners of dumbest protesters award: 4Play or 4get it,

Badly auto translated ynet Hebrew article: here, in Hebrew: here(fixed links)

This has to be a joke, but the report isn't hinting it as such. A bunch of young women in Tel Aviv went to the streets to demonstrate because 'Tel Aviv women are discriminated against between the sheets' - 'no foreplay, no sex' they screamed at the poor vegetable peddlers at the open market.

Did they go straight for the extra large cucumber stand? (just joking)

If anything, this proves how badly misguided the 'women liberation' movement has went. Most of these women are between 21 and 25... no foreplay at 21? What are you married for 40 years or something?

They do have a website, must you click here? If you must - then you should also click HERE.

Final note: If you click on the article, you'd find that these loons are subjecting little kids to their sexual exhibitionism. Very thoughtful... makes us all just want to please these ladies - lock them up in the asylum they escaped from.

Did they misunderstand the message of 'The world according to Garp'?

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