Thursday, July 09, 2009

Alan Dershowitz: "American Jews should support Obama to encourage bipartisan support of Israel", Huh?!

The esteemed Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard professor, goes into verbal acrobatics to excuse his blind support of Obama:
I believed, and continue to believe, that a young, extremely popular African American President who supports Israel, even if he disagrees with its policies regarding settlement expansion, would be far more influential with mainstream Americans and with people throughout the world than an old conservative republican, who also supported Israel. That is why I gave, and continued to give, President Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt in his dealings with Israel
It's not very rational to block doubt out - there are enough recent actions to raise such doubts.

Phillips, for all her good work in Great Britain on behalf of Israel, has absolutely no understanding of American politics. She would turn Israel into a wedge issue, in which Republicans were seen as the supporters of Israel and Democrats as its enemy.
It's not Melanny which caused Israel to become a wedge issue or cause Democrats to appear anti-Israel. It is leftism which has done so. Don't blame the messenger.

Don't miss out:
The major difference between Melanie Phillips and me is that I want Jews to remain Democrats - if they support, as I do, liberal principles such as a women's right to choose abortion, the rights of gays and lesbians to equal justice, and other progressive policies. I also strongly support the separation of church and state, a constitutional principle that has allowed American Jews to be first class citizens and to reach greater heights in this wonderful country than they ever have achieved in Europe or anywhere else in the world except for Israel. Republicans, in general, seek to lower the wall of separation which would endanger the status of Jews in this country.
Republicans would endanger the status of Jews in this country?! Surely he has gone off the rails with that one.

Read it all: Dershowitz: US support for Israel must remain bipartisan

Well, after reading it all - does he make much sense? If more Americans Jews vote to Republicans, would that make Israel a "wedge issue" and define the Democrat party as anti-Israel? Does the fact that Jews do support Democrats blindly make Israel any less of a "wedge issue"?

Sure - we'd like a bipartisan support for Israel in America. Could Dershowitz's belief in his own words cause him not to see what Obama is doing?

How about supporting someone who speaks and acts the same - not according to the crowds in front of him. According to the crowds Obama wishes to appease at the moment. One should not just follow as in a herd of sheep simply because "old white republicans would be hated by the young". Is this how you'd maintain "bipartisan support for Israel" in America? It just sounds like an extremely dishonest approach to lay out your political preferences by.

Dershowitz's support of Obama is for progressive reasons as he proudly proclaims in the post. The acrobatic verbal attempts to justify support for someone who is blatantly anti-Israel by saying that if he wouldn't support then the young and Democrats would abandon Israel is just too revealing as to who Obama and the far left people are.

Should American Jews be told who to vote for by outsiders? Absolutely not. Should you ignore doubts?! That's just intellectually dishonest. Many have realized Obama to have lied regarding support of Israel, choosing to ignore it in the name of maintaining artificial "bipartisan support" is a way to mascaraed what has become overt hostility by Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Dershowitz doesn't even raise the notion of ever not supporting Obama or Democrats. Simply that if he eventually does realize that the hostility exists, he will use his influence to counter it.

Perhaps Dershowitz's biggest blind spot is in not recognizing that putting demands to Israel and only to Israel - as a precondition to negotiating peace with those who have not for once forsaken their aspiration to eliminate Israel - is not a push for peace, rather a push to isolate and punish Israel. But hey... as long as the rights of lesbians are celebrated and abortions are provided...


  1. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Dershowitz has been brazenly lying since at least as far back as 1973. In his 1973 exchange with Noam Chomsky in the pages of the Boston Globe, he transparently falsifies a court decision, as is amply clear to anyone who reads the correspondence

  2. Joe, did you post that just to show you dislike Dershowitz completely off topic from what I posted about? Are you attacking him for his support of Israel?

    I urge readers to read the post and understand where my criticism comes from - which is never in support of Chomsky the anti semite of Israeli decent.