Thursday, August 27, 2009

USA's tax funds used to uproot Hebrew signs in west bank

Hope and change, finding new ways to show his disdain to Israel and Jews.

Palestinians uproot Hebrew road signs in West Bank
The US international aid agency says Palestinian authorities in the West Bank have started replacing Israeli-installed road signs bearing Hebrew script with new signs in just Arabic and English.

The move is in preparation for a future Palestinian state.

Howard Sumka, of USAID, says the American-funded project is expected to take up to four years and cost about $20 million.

How's that supposed to promote peace? A new state? By the way - who's maintaining and building these roads - the 'Palestinians'? - I'm assuming it's still the IDF. And later it will be US or EU funds. 'Palestinians' are never expected to pay for these things, so that they could divert all their funds to their only real goal - hoarding arms and promoting murder and mayhem.

How about spending USAID funds to change the text books already to stop preaching hate and distorting history? Naaa... that's racist - preaching a nation of terror and murder to stop being exactly that. Let's uproot Hebrew signs, much better. There - everything's fixed now. No more problems in the middle east, Hope'n'Change is a true miracle worker, isn't he?

They are welcome to reuse Michigan signs, because anywhere the 'Palestinains' dwell and contemplate their next terror attack has only one valid name in English:

(a sign leading to Hell, Michigan)

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