Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lebanon capitulates to Hezbollah - hello Garbagestan

Despite the fact that Hezbollah did not win in the election, they have one the coup - and the election apparently were meaningless.

I predicted Lebanon will officially become Garbagestan. Sunni leader Harriri is about to make it happen. Young Saad is shaming his father's memory.

Hariri: Hizbullah will join next gov't
Hizbullah will be part of the next Lebanese government "whether Israel likes it or not," Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Sa'ad Hariri was quoted as saying Wednesday.

"The national unity government will include the [ruling] March 14 alliance, and I also want to assure the Israeli enemy that Hizbullah will be in this government whether it likes it or not because Lebanon's interests require all parties be involved in this cabinet," AFP quoted Hariri as saying.

Speaking during a Ramadan meal on Tuesday night, Hariri reiterated his determination to "include all factions" in the government.

Hariri's comments followed a warning by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu last month that Lebanon would be blamed for any strikes on Israel if it allowed the guerrilla group to join the government.

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