Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So.... American Jews Finally Do Oppose Obama

I guess I should have given my Jewish friends more credit... except they haven't given me much reason lately.

Most US Jewish Obama backers oppose his Israel policies
American Jewish Democrats are breaking with the Obama administration over its policies in Israel, according to the results of a survey designed by a former pollster for president Bill Clinton.

The survey, initiated by pollster Dick Morris, found that the majority of respondents - some 58 percent - think President Obama is doing a good job promoting peace in the Middle East. But 55% said the president is "naive in thinking that the Palestinians would make peace" and that Palestinians "will just use the new land as a base to attack Israel like they did in Gaza."

Forty percent said they believe Obama is doing a good job in his effort to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

The survey, conducted by Global Marketing Research Services from July 22 to 24, is based on responses from 500 American Jews who voted for Obama.

The poll was sponsored by the Traditional Values Coalition, an evangelical Christian group with 43,000 members. The findings have a margin of error of plus or minus four percent.

Among its findings: 92% of respondents have a favorable view of Israel, and 86% think it is important for Jews to have a country of their own.

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