Monday, August 24, 2009

Hamas murdering opponents in Gaza

Knock me over with a feather... just a reminder, the Palestinazi nation has voted for Hamas with a huge majority, and the 'polls' (what's a democratic poll in a gang land tribal nation?) - the 'polls' show most Arabs in PA still do support Hamas.

JPost: Hamas executing its rivals in Gaza
Two Israeli television stations on Monday night broadcast a video showing Hamas forces "executing" Gaza rebels linked to al-Qaida during an armed confrontation earlier this month.

The video of the August 15 clash shows what appear to be black-clad Hamas gunmen shooting at rebels pinned in a mosque courtyard in a fierce exchange of fire.

In two scenes, Hamas gunmen appeared to be executing captives by shooting them at close range.

At least 24 people were killed in the daylong standoff in Rafah. Hamas forces surrounded a stronghold of Jund Ansar Allah, an extremist group that claims to be inspired by al-Qaida and charges that the Hamas is too liberal.

In the video, bodies are seen falling to the ground during the firefight. In one scene, a group of Jund Ansar Allah captives stand motionless against a wall a few meters away.

Channel 10 and Channel 2 said the blurred, jumpy video was taken by cellphone from across the street. Channel 2 said Hamas rival Fatah distributed the video. Channel 10 also broadcast a recording of what it said was the Hamas military communication channel, ordering Hamas forces to "execute everyone."

There was no immediate comment from Hamas officials.

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