Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama successfully put sticks in peace process wheels: Palis refuse talks until Israel surrender

Good news, Obama successfully prevented Oslo II within his presidency term, so Intifada III and the next wave of genocidal suicide attacks are postponed as well. As we've learned - any further 'land for peace', results in 'land for rockets and bloodshed'. Thanks, but no thanks. Keep the change, and the hope, and the hope'n'change.

Abbas aide: No talks without full settlement freeze
Nabil Shaath, aide to Palestinian president says Abbas will reject any US initiative to resume peace talks with Israel unless construction in settlements frozen in full without exceptions or 'loopholes'. Says Israeli commitment to establishing Palestinian state enough to bring Abbas back to negotiations table

Notice that the Fatah stooges are making excuses, they are shaking in their boots that if anything changes the status quo the Hamas goons will take over the west bank PA and throw them from the tallest buildings like they did in Gaza.

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