Monday, August 17, 2009

Mubarak Praises Netanyahu in DC Visit

Mubarak said some astonishing things IMHO. A quick summery:
  • Praised and complemented Benjamine Netanyahu,
  • Was optimistic regarding peace process
  • Requested no one haste Arabs to make peace with Israel / to normalize relations that is. (whilst pressure on Israel is A-OK)
  • Shalit deal is nearly done, except for Israel wishing to deport the terrorists and Hamas insisting on return to west bank.
  • Visit to USA only now because before Mubarak was 'punishing' Bush for invading Iraq and being critical of Egypt's human rights record
Read it here (auto translated from hebrew): Mubarak to DC Jews: Too dangerous to attack Iran

Also read: Mubarak Comes to DC to setup son as heir. (ok, that's not what the article on LA Times says, that's my translation of the reported facts)

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