Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tick Tock: So Long Lebanon, Hello Garbage-stan

Clock is ticking and Lebanon is all set to celebrate their version of a democracy where armed people tell you who to vote for and accuse you of being a spy for the only "real" enemy if you don't.

Good luck.

Regardless of the false elections results, we all know Hezbollah took over the country by force a couple of months ago. So what's the use?

Will the US state department TAKE BACK the arms and electronic equipment it gave the Lebanese armed forces and police following what's sure to come?

PS: Zevel in Hebrew is junk. Zballa - might be an Arabic version, might just be Israeli slang. On any case, we call the Hezbollah people Zballas: Pieces of shit.

When the land of cedar officially (not just de-facto) becomes the land of Zballa - they should appropriately rename it as well.


Check out the following comments exchange on the previous post (comments on zip-blog)

Hmmm, maybe you can explain to all of us how this report leaked? Who leaked it (Mossad agent?)? And why it leaked at this juncture(is it because every indication is that the opposition is going to win the elections)?

Posted by: ab

My response:
ab - are you serious, do you need me to explain this?

Of course not, you used the term "opposition" to describe the genocidal murderous terror gang which is an extension of the Iranian armed forces known as "Hezbollah" (army of god), or "Muqa'ama" - the resistance, or in completely false secular Lebanese PC terms: opposition.

Lebanese haven't the faintest idea what the meaning of Democracy is. In the land of cedar, the so called "opposition" uses arms to take over the streets of Beirut - who's the real enemy? Israel?! HA!

Lebanon isn't about to have real elections, because all the sane people have long ran away - no one is holding any hopes to normality and sanity.

Of course AB - everyone who acts against your interest of world domination of your cult is a Mossad agent. Tell yourself that as you beat the living crap out of yourself each ashura. May I please help you with that ritual? Can I bring some friends too?!

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