Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Your next government sponsored car - a funny video clip

Just saw yesterday the first episode of the latest season of the Tracy Ullman's "state of the union". I know it was broadcasted months ago - but I just got showtime again.

Well... the first season was much funnier - and the first episode of the second is soooo far left. The part making fun of Laura Bush as if the Bush family would trash and steal from the white house... well, if any lefty would realize what the Clintons did when they left. It was no joke. But what can we expect. Any media poking fun at lefty politicians? Actually Tracy did poke enough fun at them at the first season which is why we were a bit disappointed.

Anyways, the following IMHO was the funniest part of the season premier:

It's the Body-Trap car... because the Prius is too much of a gas guzzler. ;-)

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