Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama - selling embassy posts. Chicago politics in the white house

Hey, remember that Chicago politics issue everyone seemed to not care about last election? And when the governor, a certain weird looking hair guy called Blagojevic tried to sell a senate seat?


As things turn out, a former Clinton era ambassador is saying the following:
Obama's Embassies for Sale
As the Senate confirms more big-league Democratic donors to be U.S. ambassadors—including sending Donald Beyer, who raised over $500,000 for Obama’s campaign, to Switzerland—former diplomat Dennis Jett, ambassador to Mozambique and Peru under President Clinton, says the president is just like his crony-appointing predecessors.

It is a system that Rod Blagojevich would love. While it amounts to little more than the selling of government jobs, it is also perfectly legal. Not only is it not against the law, it is a time-honored tradition. Yet continuing this sordid practice cannot help but have a negative impact on national security. The positions being sold are not those of minor functionaries; they are ones that really matter in an ever more globalized and dangerous world.

Despite the obvious damage, this corrupt exercise is repeated every four years—and there seems to be no hope it is going to change under President Obama. The “system,” of course, is the awarding of plum ambassadorial postings to major campaign donors—cash for cachet.


Hope and change... and corruption...

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