Friday, July 24, 2009

My comment regarding Obama injecting self to Gates arrest by white cop

If this is how the current leader is a so called "post racial", a great "uniter"... If there aren't better uniters/post racial spokespeople out there - the USA would probably head towards some sort of a massive riot/civil disorder, if not a racial based civil war.

It is beyond belief that the president of the USA would speak in a manner which would ignite racial divisiveness, as if he were a black panther in the streets attempting to stir a riot.

I guess he had the "Rev. Jeremiah Wright" slip out from his mouth in a national press conference.

Smart people should avoid yelling fire in a crowded theater, for all I know - it is illegal.

Perhaps next time Butthead speaks, he should think, what would Beavis say? (PS, cool similar realism photoshops of cartoons here)

Just my two cents.

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