Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Doesn't it feel like Palin supporters want her to run for office more than she does?

Being harassed and viciously attacked on a daily basis, driven to financial ruins by zealots from opposite party, and having your family simply brutalized by the nation without a peep of condemnation by 80% of media could drive anyone to give up on public life. Whom in history has ever been treated this way?

Our media treats mass murderer nicer.

Two relevant news bits, Zigler - who apparently is very close to Palin rips the Media appart for treatment and - explains her stance with vigor:

If video doesn't open/play - click here

And then, Palin today said: If I die politically, so be it

She doesn't owe the hate leaning media a thing - neither the nation. This hope'n'change nation with its recent communism infatuation doesn't deserve honest people.

It deserves the trash it has praised and raised to power.

It deserves the prominent blogs who influence the DNC party while making "retard" jokes at expense of people who have done them nothing wrong. At expense of innocent children. This is not simply "childish",

The state of the nation :


Deal with it America. You make the Shawarma Family very sad these days.

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