Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Oddball email of the morning

I won't email this guy back directly even though I have a return email:

From "Sam ?" (question mark in the emailer name)
Subject: "Terror"

"My major outrage was at the lack of attention victims of terror get." I agree. Thousands of Palestinians have received little or no attention after becoming victims of Israeli terrorism. Hard to believe.

"No - witnessing hundreds of people running, crying and screaming at 12am in the streets of Tel-Aviv after the bombing of the disco on the beach is not as bad as seeing the bodies." Again, I agree. The Palestinian people know exactly what you are talking about. They most recently experienced it in Gaza and it was the Israeli army targetting civilians and civilian infrastructure. I am not a supporter of striking Israeli civilian centers. However, you do have to admit that the Palestinians do have a right to attack Israeli army soldiers who knowingly take part in the illegal occupation of Palestine as well as armed fanatical settler terrorists.


As to first point: I guess the hundreds of CNN hours and UN focus on Gaza, Al-Jazeera, Al Manar, Al Arabia and every possible far lefty organization in Europe don't count as attention any more. Your ability to paint the residents of Gaza as blameless victims is amazing. Do you really suppose I don't know why the Israeli army invaded Gaza? Live and let live - bombarding Israeli civilians on a daily basis has consequences - now try and remember that next time you pull out your fake violin.

Unlike you I don't focus on this side has suffered and that one hasn't. I just don't see anyone on the Palestinian side recognizing the suffering of Jews, and I keep hearing justification to the horrors Palestinians inflict - which leads me to your second point:

"Admit Palestinains have a right to attack...", no - you idiot. To attack is an act of war - and any such act has consequence. You attack - you get hit back, and your attempt to claim to be a victim when you attack is ludicrous and backwards.

Your attempt to paint any civilian as "fanatically armed terrorist" is the root of your problem. You are a racist. If no one is attacking you, or shooting you at will - not to mention lives across a border from you - you have no such right unless you are an animal looking for prey.

The fact that someone is armed does not make him legitimate for murder. There are armed Palestinian forces - IDF do not shoot at them at will. There are even armed Hamas forces and unless they are engaged in attacking Israel - they are mainly observed.

Can someone really be this delusional in his observation of Gaza?! In his reversal of facts on the very recent of history?! Gaza was left for Arabs. Gaza was given money and plantations. Gazans turned it into a terror base. The real terror the residents of Gaza endure is the daily clamp down by the oppressive Iranian regime which took over Gaza under the Hamas flag. Then Sam's beloved murderers from the Hamas built a fortress shielded by civilians to launch attacks from.

Failure to recognize these facts is plainly dishonest.

Now to my main point: Palestinains have butchered kids at a disco. Not during a battle. Not in retaliation to being shelled with rockets. They sent a Muslim strapping an explosive on his chest and murdered in cold blood. The damage they inflicted was upon any occasional observer. "Sam" equates that with an army operation in direct response to armed operations. The Israeli operation was against armed people attacking them. Every minute of every day of that operation Israeli forces were fired on.

How the hell can one equate a struggle between two armed sides with defenseless kids at a disco with a straight face?!

Israel set out to fight armed militia. - Palestinains set out to murder non Arabs.

That's the real equation. "Sam ?"'s blind hatred cannot let him comprehend that.

The Palestinians are the victims of their own doing. From 1948 to today. They are not being hunted and murdered at will, while this is how they treat Jews. Israel does not do that. They continue to refuse to many creative peaceful solutions and insist on deportation of Jews and reversal of historical facts. This will not happen.

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