Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A new view point on Hollywood and media bias

First, the fun part - I recommend reading the following two hilarious posts:
* 6 Movies Based on a True Story (That Are Also Full of Shit)

* 5 Things Movie Trailers Need to Stop Doing

Just for fun again, check out this completely idiotic trailer of what I can only assume is a really D quality movie:

OK, now to the opinion part:

Since Hollywood is so full of shit - and can't keep a story straight whether it's based on real life, or based on a book. Also, once the movie is made - they continue and lie to the viewers in the trailers; I've come to the conclusion that their portrayal of lefty causes (the day after tomorrow) and politicians (Charlie Wilson's War) - is simply a parallel of how they describe other stories, unabashed made up lies. When they portray something as positive - one should have enough skepticism to realize that it is all bizarro world. Up is down and down is up. When they say in Charlie Wilson's War positive things about John Murtha - one should realize that this is the point of the movie where they are saying - you know we are full of shit. When leftism comes out in positive light - a sensible person should understand he is watching a sci-fi movie in a political wool clothing.

It's a complement to rightists that Hollywood gets it so wrong. Because Hollywood rarely does get it right.

When the script writers work extra hard to make lefties look good, and rightist look bad - it shows, and tells me that this is how they'd like things to be in real life - and they know it is very much not the case.

All of that being said - I must say that many, from innocent youngsters to the elderly do not realize this reality. Hell - would you think of the schizophrenic main character of "Beautiful Mind" as an antisemite bi-sexual person whose very much not a hero after watching the movie if no one would ever tell you that he was? (I'm not saying that, is)

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