Friday, July 24, 2009

Amazingly self contradictory and hypocritical interview with Russia's ambassador to Israel

The following link is to a page in Hebrew, you can click on the auto translate link, but it will surely be awful translation causing much-too-much headache.
Russian Ambassador: Israel is much smaller than it thinks, not a super power, stop mascaraing as an empire, Russia is really a pacifist nation

Auto translated here.

Many "pearls of wisdom" found inside. When asked about murdered Russian journalists he responds:
It's a dangerous profession. Those killed were probably not responsible enough.

About communism, Stalin and the crimes of his former soviet regime:
It's a mistake to compare soviet Russia to Nazism.

After claiming to be a pacifist nation - believing usage of military power is wrong, journalist is asking "Are you joking?! What about Chechnya and Georgia then?", response:
In Chechnya we eventually reached a political solution [yea right, under the boot of military power], and in Georgia's case - they were the aggressor


The great humanitarian Putin with a close ally:

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