Thursday, July 30, 2009

Netanya - Galatasaray, 1-4 - live stream, humiliation in progress

Friendly Update 8/6: Current rematch link. From this website:

Update II - Well the link went to the wrong webcast... so I guess you missed it. Just FYI - Galatasaray showed Netanya who's boss and teared them apart with 5-0.

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All I had to do to find this one is google. It's usually so much more difficult. soccer live

Go Netanya!

Half-time, meanwhile I hear that Hapoel Tel Aviv is playing in sweden where they are facing fierce anti-semite Arab crowds. (not even soccer fans - just haters of Jews and Israel)

The Swedes are doing their best to control their "replacement population" from obstructing the friendly match:
No calls for boycott when Israeli team visits Sweden again

As could have been predicted, Galatasaray took the lead at the beginning of second half.

53rd minute... 3-1: it's starting to look embarrassing. Could get much worse for the tiny Israeli team.

73rd minute... 4-1; yes it is humiliation at this point. At least the Turkish playters are justifying their high pay right now.

* Israeli broadcasters just mentioned how much they love Galatasaray. Hmmm... "they are grouping as a better team right in front of us at Netanya's expense. Wait fellas - do it after next week. After the game against Netanya in Turkey. We are huge fans of Galatasaray here in Israel." (not exact quote)

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