Thursday, July 23, 2009

If you're a white racist and reading this, please fark off my site

It's the internet, it's free for all - so I can't, won't - and generally don't want to disallow any potential readers. I put my content out there for free because it's the kind of content I wish people will read.

That being said, my general speech is intended to counter, point out to - and fight against hatred and racism. Be it racism by blacks, by Arabs, by Muslims, by Jews and by WHITE TRASH. Now - I have not dedicated much content to white trash racism because ever since I moved to the US I have always felt like they were extremely marginal and unimportant. Until this morning.

I just noticed a tiny spike in traffic towards my post about Detroit being a doomed racist cesspool.

I was unfortunate to discover that the source was a hateful site referring to blacks with the N word and generally calling them monkeys. Despicable and hateful. These kind of people are still dangerous no matter how very little of them there are now. The horrible racist site is: - no link, I suggest you don't even bother browsing it. It should be blocked from work networks and home networks alike.

Now that this site was introduced to white trash racists - perhaps it's time to remind them that I am not and will never belong to their "tribe". I'm Jewish from Israel. An immigrant to the USA. I don't hate anyone who's not racist and/or wishes violence on other groups and individuals. I support freedom, law and order and the American constitution with ALL of it's amendments.

I support Israel, not for tribal reasons, but because it is an open society based on law and respect for human rights. For it's freedom of religion. For it's equal treatment of Jews, Arabs, Christians and other minorities (even if at some instances the intents fall short). For it's high moral values being implemented while defending from genocidal enemies within and without. There are things wrong with Israel, but they are internal and never do get international attention. For those things that are very-very wrong, I have good reasons to never actually return to my native land. It does make me sad, but I won't share these things on this blog.

I'll finish this post with a reference to a story about an American White Trash Racists who fled from American authorities to Tel-Aviv, found a Jewish girlfriend - who got pregnant and then when she found her boyfriend to be the racist trash that he is - turned him in. Enjoy:
Israel deports American despite his racism denial

Israel extradited a suspect to the United States on firearms charges on Sunday, despite his denial he belonged to the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan.

"No. I'm not. I'm not affiliated with any group whatsoever," a handcuffed Micky Mayon, who was arrested in Tel Aviv last week, told reporters when asked if he was a member of the Klan.

Mayon, a U.S. citizen, was speaking as police escorted him for extradition from Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion airport. An interior ministry spokeswoman later confirmed he had been deported.

"You know what they accuse me of. But it's not what I did. Absolutely not true," Mayon said, when reporters pressed him on whether he hated Jews and people of African origin.

He said he had enjoyed his stay in Israel --- especially "the Israeli girls" --- and wanted to "come back."

Mayon fled the United States after he was suspected of burning the car of a judge who had ordered he stand trial on the firearms charges.

The Israeli Interior Ministry said on Monday law enforcement units were told by Interpol that Mayon belonged to the Ku Klux Klan, described by the U.S.-based Anti-Defamation League as a racist, anti-Semitic movement.

Mayon was being sought by U.S. marshals on two arrest warrants. Charges included illegal possession of a firearm, reckless endangerment and flight to avoid apprehension.

The ministry said Mayon arrived in Israel as a tourist in January 2008. He was issued a one-month visa and stayed on illegally.

More background on times-online: Micky Mayon, white supremacist wanted by FBI, arrested in Israe

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