Friday, October 03, 2008

Dick Morris humiliates Colmes - I was on the floor laughing.

Allan, why do you insist on using segments with me to get reading practice on your talking points? Do you want to hear me talking or you're moving to another guest?


I don't believe my objectivity and fairness deserves you spewing your talking points that you've been handed.


You're incredible Allan, is it that you just can't think? Or that you only know how to read those talking points? Unbelievable performance mister Colmes.


This was unbelievable (Palin's performance at the debate), and anyone with a brain ... would conclude that, which does not conclude your co-host I might add.

Best moment of yesterday's post debate babbles - Colmes getting a beating by Morris. Will We ever see Morris on H&C again?

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