Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Did Obama send the most annoying person in the world to Foxnews on purpose?

He's rude, doesn't let the interviewer finish a sentence. If you ask him to pause and listen - he deliberately continues to talk to annoy you. He never answers accusations, only says "that's not what the American public wants to talk about". Then, he usually says the normal liberal spin "why don't you talk about the issues?", by which he means the issues that he thinks are winning an election for him - regardless of his lies. Then he smiles - cause he knows he got to you. He angered you. That's what he wanted to do. That smugness is a mirror reflection of his candidate. I'm better than you - and you are all "evil right wingers". Boo hoo - foxnews aren't in our pockets.

Bill Burton - smug smiley slime.

Bill Burton - nothing to see here.

Not real news. Smug snot.

This is the same tool bag, who in Obama's name, was making fun of McCain Vietnam wounds - which is the reason McCain can't use a computer.

"Out of touch" - because he was tortured and wounded.
(All videos found on hotair.com)

Is this horrible troll going to be the press secretary? Will the "smear Joe" left wing media ever ask this media-rat a tough question if he is?

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