Friday, October 10, 2008

Anti-Semitic pogrom in heart of Israel - Acre Riots on Yom Kipur MK Eitam slams 'anti-Semitic pogrom in heart of Israel'
MK Orlev: Unthinkable that Jews in Jewish State will be harassed on holiest of days

Also:police officers prevented bloodhsed
8 injured in Akko riots
Forces struggle to contain Jewish, Arab demonstrators following Yom Kippur clashes; stone throwing incidents reported even after relative calm prevails in northern city. Police chief urges sides to 'continue dialogue'

The lefty reporters are trying to put blame on both sides, however it was the Arab masses who ran a riot in a Jewish neighborhood screaming death to Jews and carrying axes. It was Arabs who destroyed Jewish shops, it was Arabs who incited and spread rumors of "Arab martyrs" (there weren't any). It was Arabs who punctured the tires of the Jewish Ambulances. It's 12:27AM in Michigan, and morning in Israel - I'm going to sleep while reading the news about high alert in Israel, expecting more Arab riots across the country as the extremist Muslims will try to take advantage of yet another opportunity to riot. Police were ordered not to use live ammo, probably to prevent a repeat of the prolonged riots in October 2000. Here's what I think, the police and media are better off telling the truth and focus on protecting the victim population here, not the blood thirsty aggressors.

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