Monday, October 27, 2008

O'Reilly telling Radio Listeners - Don't Vote Obama!


I noticed before how he was one of the first to catch on to Obama's socialist tendencies, where Obama answered O'Reilly in an interview that "it's neighborly". O'Reilly too noticed the 2001 radio interview and said his to listeners that people don't understand the consequences of Obama's wealth redistribution. He said - look at Europe, they're weak - is that what you want here? He later went on to warn that loons like Al Franken might get elected and are going to put American voters families in danger.

O'Reilly isn't convinced Obama is a radical "yet". I am though.

Please don't make the following a reality in the USA:

Face it, when nobody is allowed to be legally poor - everybody is eventually forced to be poor. When wealth is redistributed, effort becomes illegal.

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