Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Look into Obama’s Presidency

What should we expect from president Obama? The polls show widening support for Obama and the prospects of a McCain win are fading away. At this time, perhaps those of us who are weary of Obama should start thinking about how to deal with his presidency. The first action to help us accept his win with calm is to predict what his policies and actions would be.

Judges Nominations

Obama made it clear. The only judges he would appoint would be those who view the same liberal and sometimes radical agenda as he does. In a debate he mentioned he disapproves of rulings which judge by the law – like a case where a wages discrimination suit was thrown out because of statute of limitation. Obama was disappointed at a ruling which declared Washington DC’s restrictive gun laws unconstitutional. Obama’s association with far left loons will have particular resonance with regards to his choice of judges. Those far loons usually see any type of interrogation or detention of unlawful combatants as a violation of human rights. So under Obama, it might be safe to assume his judges will rule against detention of terrorists and will require federal cases against every detainee as opposed to the current military tribunal.

Liberal judges have the habit of making up their own laws. They continuously trample the separation of powers by taking over responsibilities of the legislative branch. Liberal – self legislative judges have brought havoc to the Israeli judicial system and were greatly influenced by the US’s ACLU.


Taxes are going up. Face it. McCain would probably do it too. Clinton said he wouldn’t raise taxes and he did, Obama says he would – so he most certainly would.
The so called 95% of Americans will see a tax cut is the most bogus claim of them all. It’s a new “stimulus” plan. It’s a check for nothing from the government which will be handed to tax payers as well as non tax payers. In essence – it’s a deliberate redistribution of wealth to those who simply didn’t earn it. I’m using Obama’s words here: Redistribution of wealth. Because it is “neighborly”.


Let’s face it – it’s the Bush administration which nationalized banks. That pretty much leaves Obama with fewer opportunities to nationalize industries.

Obama is unabashed of his Socialist roots and ideals which make me just wonder what he might do. As long as he doesn’t implement Gulags, and calls his supporting masses “useful idiots”, or tries to export the revolution – perhaps we should not be that much intimidated. The most he would do is re-implement the “new deal”.

I saw a bumper sticker saying that Cuba had a “Change” too in 1958.

Stock Market

Obama received tons of money from Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae. He and his democrat friends caused this collapse by refusing to allow reform and oversight and instead pushing and forcing banks to do more risky business. Will Obama save the stock market? Definitely not by raising capital gains tax, dividends tax and the death tax.
Some have suggested that Obama’s plans will cause the global recession turn into a huge depression.

Retirement funds

What would happen to the retirement funds when the market collapses even further? The market has collapsed 40% thus far, which should suggest there’s not much more to lose – except for the remaining 60% of what used to be the retirement funds. Now throw into the mix the suggestion to allow people to raid their retirement funds right now, and see where that gets us.

National Debt

Democrats have been whining for years that the Bush administration grew our debt – disregarding the circumstances (war, terror, WT towers fall). Will socialist policies do anything to resolve the debt?
Part of the national debt is a result of global trade imbalances. Will Obama destroy trade agreements and raise customs taxes? Isn’t this how the great depression became a global catastrophe? Obama certainly suggested he is against the agreement with Colombia in a debate – another ally he is more than willing to abandon.

Global Economy

We’re already screwed thanks to Obama’s democratic friends who caused the mortgage mess. A USA recession yields a global recession. The global economy revival depends on the USA’s.


Obama’s a big education guy, isn’t he? He wants to raise salaries to teachers and that will solve all the educational problems. In addition, his participation in the woods fund board – which he and Ayers abused to distribute funds to far left groups and to bolster “radical thinking” in schools shows us a glimpse into the future of education under the Obama presidency.


First, he hangs around with Palestinian terrorists. In his younger years, he travels “for fun” to Pakistan with his Pakistani friends. Then he goes to AIPAC and says Jerusalem shall remain united. Then he retracts. That’s Obama – he doesn’t know or care much about Israel and would tell you that he does to win the Christian voters who do care about Israel.

If history is to teach us anything, then a democrat in the president chair would pressure Israel to further give away land for “peace”. Clinton’s Oslo debacle was followed by 8 years of terror starting in 2000. Sharon and Bush on the other hand gave Gaza away and rooted out a vibrant Jewish community as well as the agriculture industry. Bush’s policy of Democracy in the Middle East lead to Hamas winning election, and the Shiites over Lebanon and Iraq. In that sense, was Bush a pro Israel yet liberal president? Could an Obama presidency be any worse as far as Israel is concerned?

Well – yes, most certainly. Under President Clinton, the US refrained from vetoing anti Israeli resolutions in the UN Security Council. Bush’s biggest pro Israeli move was to block any such resolution, which meant that for almost 8 years there haven’t been any one sided, pro terrorism, anti Jewish resolutions.

War on Terror

Let’s see, he wants to flee from Iraq, regardless of the fact that those who are fighting the US in Iraq are those who would attack us here. He is carried on the shoulders of the “anti war” movements and the “inside job” moonbats. Now, how exactly would this guy with no military or leadership experience lead the USA in a war time?
Again, looking back into the Clinton years and into statements of Democrats in the year 2002, 2003 – there’s reason to believe he would see the war on terror as a “policing issue”. For them, terrorism is a matter of investigation and prosecution – and not a war in the sense of military activity.
The Clinton administration had opportunities to take Bin Laden out – but chose to consult lawyers and preferred to catch him and prosecute him. Obama might not admit it – but his ACLU scholars who will occupy his offices will not permit him to “murder” a terrorist.

The diplomatic leeway of a Muslim Apostate

Obama says he never was a Muslim, despite going to a Madrassa in Indonesia, and the fact that his Dad was a Muslim. Even though Obama is not a practicing Muslim, Muslims consider him to be one simply because of his Father. If Obama proclaims he is not a Muslim, devout Muslim leaders will consider him an apostate – therefore deserving the death penalty. Now how is he supposed to “improve diplomatic relations with the Arab world” as he promises – when they make that an issue?

UN litmus tests

Obama and friends proclaimed the US should have never attacked Iraq without the support of the UN. So, if the US is facing a war and a hostile nation in the future – it will never act without the permission of Russia and China. That’s great logic.

Feeble responses to global crisis

What did Obama say when Russia invaded Georgia? That both sides need to reduce hostilities? He took the equivalency stance. Can we deduct then that in case of another global military crisis he would be equivocal and hesitant?

America’s Reputation

As Obama would demonstrate eagerness to abandon our allies in Iraq and Israel – other allies would rethink relying on US’s support. Much like with JFK – a young president in an era of international tension would be tested by America’s enemies. I didn’t say that – Biden did.
Will Americans be any better “liked” abroad? Isn’t this what lefties complained about 5 years ago – Europeans don’t like us? Did they like us before? Not really. Around the world – the Americans are maligned by socialist and lefty propagandist journalists. Having Obama president would not change any of that.


No to drilling. (Relieve dependency on hostile foreign nations)
No to new Nuke plants. (Cheap and clean)
Waste taxpayer money on inefficient technology to relieve some global warming guilt.
Will this help? It might seem to – because oil prices are dropping right now and under a world depression, it would become very cheap.
Having the flawed fundamentals of the energy market unchanged will guaranty we will revisit the same energy crisis once the economy is revived.

Global Warming

He said his presidency will heal the sick and the oceans level will drop. He will fix it all. But how?
Perhaps he will implement Al Gore radicalism. He will impose a global tax and will pay it to some UN group in charge of consuming American tax funds to research how Americans are bad and are to blame for environmental change.
He could further punish the auto industry with insane regulations. He could force us all to ride bikes, after all – he thinks America should imitate China.


If looking to our north is suggesting anything regarding the lefty agenda, than mitliculturism is knocking on our door – demanding we be more companionate to cultures other than ours. Like cultures which encourage polygamism, wife beating, and women suppression. Another great benefit of extreme multiculturism as shown in England is suppression of any flag waving, signs of patriotism, or revealing Crosses.

Prosecution of Christian and Jewish values

One word: ACLU. Why hasn’t anyone asked Obama thus far what he thinks of the ACLU? Perhaps because it is clear to many of us where he stands. It’s not a “church and state” separation, it’s church and synagogue extraction and submission.

Farms protectionism

Obama is in favor of government hand outs to rich farmers. This translates of course to even higher tax burdens on the rest of us. See Stossel’s 20/20 coverage of the farm bill, and remember that Obama proclaimed he is in favor of such protectionism in the debates.


We’re screwed. McCain is no better which is why it isn’t discussed in the media at all. Obama will certainly not impose the laws of the US on border jumpers. He will allow social benefits to “world citizens”. Those of us who immigrate legally, pay our lawyer fees, processing fees, and wait in line for years – YEARS, will see criminals get rewarded with amnesty while those who suffer through the process will remain stuck.

Suppression of free speech

Fairness act legislation will disallow unapproved speech. Liberal judges will allow trumping the constitution and destroying a fundamental freedom.
Would Obama follow Canada’s example and also enact “human rights councils” to prosecute those who would insult religion by criticizing terrorism?

Gun rights

Forget it. Obama doesn’t want you to “cling to your guns”. He doesn’t really want the army to have arms either.

Dismemberment of armed Forces

Look into the actions of Clinton as well as Jimmy Carter to understand how democrat presidents consider the armed forces. This “commander and chief” would certainly act to reduce America’s powers like his predecessors. Why else vote against funding the troops in a middle of a war as a senator?

Human embryo research

No one is discussing that issue. How hot it was 4 years ago, and now the media doesn’t bring it up. Why? Because it was fake to begin with. Government should not fund speculative medical research and should never encourage usage of aborted babies for such research. There were alternatives, and nothing guarantees a cure to diseases. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama would spend tax payer money to fund such immoral research, like it is done in California – and would soon be done in Michigan.

Health Coverage

You need not look any further than California and Hawaii to understand where Obama’s plans will lead us. If they do socialize it than we need to look at the Canadian model to understand why we must wait in lines for years before given urgent surgeries

Prosecution of Republicans

The far lefties are saying “9/11 was an inside job”, and “impeach Bush”, and “arrest Carl Rove”, and “Cheney is evil”, and many more nonsense. Should we expect vengeful, hateful abuses of the judicial system against republican politicians?

Now didn’t that make you feel a lot calmer about the upcoming Obama presidency?! Since Obama is likely to win, all that is left to say is : Please prove us wrong.

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