Monday, October 06, 2008

Democrats respond to valid accusation of Obama's terrorist friends with smears of Anti-Semitism against McCain

I want to say - it's not "guilt by association", befriending terrorists, anti-white racists and America-haters, is a transparent trend of associations which deserves a sincere answer. You aren't "associated" with a church you belong to, you are part of it. You aren't "associated" and "barely know" a terrorist who bombed "when you were only 8 years old" - when he triggered your political career at his living room. These aren't just cases of "I know someone - you know someone", these issues are very deep and not at all superficial. I'm not part of anyone's campaign, I've read about it a long time ago and was alarmed enough to make lists of such issues. I'm not a Democrat or Republican - I cannot see how these issues can be brushed off. Those are central to understanding who Obama is, and you cannot bury it.

That being said - apparently Democrats are digging for dirt. Digging deep, I'm not the one to try to counter it - only to say that it is more than ludicrous to call McCain an anti-Semite... so lefty zombie zealots.... good luck with your game. Play with matches, see who gets burned:
Huff-Posts' "The Political Carnival":Democrats Get Go-Ahead to Raise McCain Associations To Keatings, Others
Our wish is granted:

Democratic surrogates say they've been given the go-ahead from the Obama campaign to mention John McCain's associations with S&L kingpin Charles Keating and other historically tarnished creatures when asked about Obama's connection to ex-Weatherman William Ayers.
A senior Democrat who has had contact with Obama's high command points to Democratic strategist Paul Begala's comments on this morning's Meet the Press.

We had a strong inkling that Begala got the okay from above and wasn't acting independently.

Begala noted that McCain once "sat on the board of a very right wing organization," the U.S. Council for World Freedom, led by a retired Army Maj. General named John Singlaub. The Anti-Defamation League allegedly called the CWF's parent organization a gathering place for racists and anti-Semites.

Said Begala: "Now, that's not John McCain. I don't think he is that. But, but, you know, the problem is that a lot of people know John McCain's record better than Governor Palin, and he does not want to play guilt by association or this thing could blow up in his face."

Now what else could we have up our sleeves?

Other potential negative associations for McCain are his long-time South Carolina consultant, Richard Quinn, a publisher of a Southern heritage magazine, and John Hagee, a pastor whose endorsement McCain solicited and later rejected.

They wanted to play dirty. Fine. Make our day.


Responding to reports that Sen. McCain's associations are considered fair game by Democrats, Republican strategists affiliated with the McCain campaign say they plan to highlight Obama's alleged contacts with individuals who've been linked to terrorist organizations, including Rashid Khalidi, a former PLO spokesperson and Ali Abunimah, a member of the Arab American Action Network who received a grant from the Woods Fund approved by Wm. Ayers, Obama and Khalidi.

One strategist said: "Obama needs to understand he will own his friendships with individuals that are in some cases anti-American, anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist. The American people can decide whether Obama's buddies reflect their values."

Want a taste from their comments?
*We have so much more ammo than they do. Let's start using it.
* Let the games begin!!!! This should be an exciting news cycle, eh? (When will I sleep??)
* Imagine the posts! I'll never keep up. I can't wait to try, though!

Democrats, did anyone ever tell you that the Jewish vote doesn't really decide the election? Or are you people just too excited to spread lies? Can't handle the fact that Jews are horrified with Obama? Perhaps you should have chosen a candidate with less ties to terrorists and racists. You can't make it disappear with made up accusations. Begala is a dunce:
(Again from the lefty zombie blog)

He's basically saying, I have a smear against McCain, you made me use it even though I know it will never stick. Also - threatens quite vocally to bring such smears against Palin. How's smearing Palin worked for you thus far? Is he threatening to "start smearing", because it seems to have started - oh - I don't know - like early September.

John McCain is a war hero. A patriot, with whom many might disagree politically - but it sounds like this tactic of smearing him with your blank bullets will explore in your face. Watch out!

There's a difference between finding stretched out notions of associations and trying to accuse someone by them, to pointing out to quite overt ones. Associations which were held for years and make for the basis of Obama's power. Lies will reflect poorly on Obama and could help McCain - there's very little doubt about McCain's persona and valor.

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