Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taleb Asan'a, Israeli MP - calls to break and murder the "Zionists"

Taleb Asan'a, Israeli MP - calls to break and murder the "Zionists" and he is still paid handsomely by those evil "Zionists" for his work to encourage mutiny.

The following is a link to google translate from Hebrew, which is horrible:
MK Asan'a, Palestinians should hold arms

Here's the Hebrew link.

Here's my translation of the things written there:

MK Taleb Asan'a said yesterday in Jenin that the Arabs of Israel and Palestine should arm themselves. "We will not break and dies", he emphasized, "The Occupier will break and die!"

During a reception for Israeli Arab students in the American University in Jenin, Asan'a praised them and the residents of the town:

"This nation will not surrender. To the contrary, it will win just like the people of Jenin made it into 'Jeningrad'. The students here are raising up to the occupier a book in one hand and a rifle in the other. The demography will win!

Iad Abu Khalwa, the representative of the Arab student union in Israel carried a speech too and said: "The union of Arabs in the 48 territories will continue to sacrifice for holding on to the land. The demography will eventually break the Zionist ideology.

H/T: a post on "rotter.net scoops forum". (Hebrew)

P.S, I wrote MP to signify "Member of Parliament", however the correct term of Israeli members of parliament is MK: "Member of Knesset".

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