Monday, October 20, 2008

Was "Family Guy" - "Road to Germany" offensive to Republicans? Was there Antisemitism?

You be the judge, is this funny?

How about this:

Huffington post loons think it was awesome, especially this part:

You tube took off the clip, here's the clip on Hulu:

Check out their comments section, very telling:

* Let's face it, I don't believe that's an exageration to say; many Republicans whether associated with the McCain campaign or not, have displayed the dialogue, tone and attitudes of WWII Nazis.
* Another classic Family Guy moment.
* Ahahahahahaha

Eat it Repugs.
* My father, best friend and I almost peed our pants when Stewie flashed that button. Classic. This is why Seth MacFarlane is a genius. He not only pushes the envelope on what is "appropriate", he puts it through the shredder and laughs wickedly while doing so....

I initially wrote a long and angry post. I still have it as a draft. But I'll let you the internet peeking observer be the judge. Was it an antisemite episode? Was it offensive to McCain supporters?

Is it fair to label your political rivals Nazis or to suggest that Nazis would support him? Is it fair game to blend antisemitic stereotypical jabs in a WWII themed episode?

Should this show stay on Fox? Or anywhere else (except Al-Jazeera)?

Is it just being too sensitive to find that episode offensive?

It wouldn't be the first time that show would be accused of antisemitism.
The 2003 episode "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein", was initially refused airtime on Fox because its plotline—where Peter attempts to convert Chris to Judaism in hopes of making his son financially successful—was deemed inappropriate under accusations of anti-Semitism, despite the episode being viewed and approved by rabbis and having featured the voice of Jewish actor Ben Stein. An edited version eventually aired on Fox, with some content, such as a reference to Jewish deicide, removed.

Wow, viewed and approved by a few Rabbis! Must be the ultimate seal of approval.


  1. Of course it was offensive. That is the purpose of the show.

    It was also lame.

    But, I do appreciate the sentiment. Come on, all of the living genocidal dictators have already endorsed all that is left for McCain is the dead ones ;)

    Best regards,
    Gail S

  2. I agree, it was offensive to Jews. In fact, I think it was more offensive than "When You Wish Upon A Weinstein." Tomaco of the No Homers Club agrees with me,, as does my fellow blogger Bill Berg, (If I'm double-posting, please delete the duplicates).