Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why do Israeli media keep accept and distribute Hezbollah propaganda?

Here's a snapshot from YnetNews - with the goat-man/fecal head/ goat sperm sprinkled bearded murderer grinning at our face:

Why is this allowed? Placing a carefully crafted insulting-propaganda sentence which was designed to link Georgia's shameful and cowardice military crumble with Israel. And Ynet, walla and many news forums in Israel accept it as a fact - and forward it as is to the readers or viewers.

Here are some suggestions to the numbnuts editing headlines on Israeli media:
  • Israel's enemies gloat at Georgia defeat, delusionally faulting Israel
  • Terrorist mocks Israel and Georgia, still hiding under a rock
  • Russia's slimiest ally grins
  • Hezbollah takes pride and credit in Georgia's misfortunes
  • Israeli media continue to whore to own enemies
It goes without saying - we could all do just fine without looking at that "face" when reading the news. How come every time this monster gives a speech - Israeli media folks jump off their chairs and accept every word he has to say.

People should demand better and more professional coverage and not the feminine screaming voices at the sound of an enemy agit-prop. This does not deserve the top headline on the page. It's not even news, it's propaganda. Shame and shame again.

Is it even worth trying to refute such garbage? Fine, here goes:

As many military analysts have pointed out earlier in the week - the Georgian president and army generals behaved quite arrogantly and stupidly aggravated their much superior and merciless neighbor to the north. They did not imagine that on the sight of Russian planes - their soldiers would flee as fast as they did. It's as simple as that - the Georgian soldiers fled before seeing battle and left the country defenseless. I'm not really blaming them though, if they had resisted then their country would have met with a fate similar to the Chechen - Georgia could have had it much worse than it is now.

I'll ask this plainly - who do you think Nasralla is akin to here - the Russians or the Georgians? Who is more afraid of the next war between Israel and his mini-kingdom? Who will pay the higher price for the next confrontation? The only fact is that Israelis do not want war - and the Arab leaders do not care much for the collateral damage afflicted on their "constituencies". Afraid they are indeed... why else hide under that rock?

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