Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama's speech and cutting dependence on oil in 10 years

Obama's speech and cutting dependence on oil in 10 years by teaching us how to fly:

Image taken form CNN's front page.

Seriously - I was very unimpressed. I guess I'm a bit biased because all I heard was "change, socialism, socialism, change, reduce taxes - solve every problem in the world - I'll pay for everyone's college - socialism and change". Sorry. Oh - and did anyone pay attention to the use both Obama made as well as Biden yesterday of Rice's negotiation with Iraq on withdrawal? Wasn't I right when I mentioned that meddling with that issue right now will be used by Obama's campaign?

One last note, regarding the nameless imaginary people who keep popping up in these speeches. That nameless chick in Ohio that's sick (obviously there would be one), that nameless advisor who supposedly belittled the American public. That's the sort of change Obama is talking about - dealing with imaginary people, issues and solving all the problems of the world with a smile and a wink. If you do reduce taxes to 95% of people, and still increase spending by 100% and solve the national debt - would that mean you intend to nationalize industries or just mug the rich at gun point?

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