Monday, August 11, 2008

Russia's Leaders are Addicted to Evil

Evil tiny prick Putin reminds me of an old Visoztky song about the idiot who sat on different seats on his way to becoming the drunken idiot leader. Void of an ideology, Putin's Russia aggressively mimics some other dictator from the 1930-s. Putin the horrible Czar of Russia - is engaged in promoting world chaos. Abusing his possession of Nuclear arms, he first threatens then acts against neighboring nations. Anti missiles in eastern Europe from the US? Full throttle threats. Not your preferred candidate in Ukraine? Poison the opposite candidate. A spy spills the beans in England? Disregard their sovereignty (another nuclear nation BTW) and use radioactive poison to eliminate the nuisance. Russia then makes advanced firearms deals with the world's darkest regimes, who deliver it directly to terrorists like Hezbollah. Russia continues to abuse their position in the security council to obstruct any meaningful action against Iran's nuclear aspiration.

And then the invasion and the unrestrained assault on Georgia's civilians. What could be the excuse for this WW-II style bombardment? Has Georgia done Russia any harm at all? Simply the fact that the leader of Georgia is opposed to Russian influence is enough. While Georgia wanted the join the EU and NATO - Russia's objection kept them away and left them vulnerable. The result of this is visible today. Like Poland - Georgia is invaded and demolished and world keeps silence.

I'm not Georgian. I'm not Russian (but some of my relatives are). I have no reason to pick a side here. I view from aside and see how Georgia is punished harshly for no reason - and Georgian civilians are the ones taking the big burden.

Russia's ambassador to Israel said today that civilians in Georgia get hurt just like Israel kills civilians in Gaza. This is more than insulting. First and foremost - Israel did not target civilians. Russia did. What Russia is committing right now is an obvious war crime and Russia is a signatory on the Geneva convention which prohibits such action. Second, Georgia didn't do to Russia and Russian civilians what Gaza did. Israel did not supply "anti Gaza" terrorist with funds, training and arms as Russia did to Georgia. Israel keeps on feeding and funding the same monsters in Gaza who seek to destroy it - and Israel is being condemned by Russia for anything it did or didn't do in Gaza. Today is a great day to spit in that ambassador's face! Russia is controlled by an insane maniac - who switches chairs in government as he wishes while still holding the same position.

Exit question, what if he makes himself PM, President and Czar at once - would that complement and complete the picture above?!

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