Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Still scratching my head to figure out how Russians believe in their own propaganda

Here's a mild version in English showing the sort of hate Russia is spreading on their government mouth piece:
Pravda: Condoleeza Rice and the insult to international diplomacy

I won't quote - let's just say that it's a very childish "I hate you" letter with attempts to insult Condi. I've been told the Russian version is much worse and filled with expletives.

Every propagandist in Russia's favor is presenting the Russian claim of massacre of Russians in Osetia by Georgians on the day the Olympics started. Within minutes of the claim of 2000 dead, the Russian forces were "retaliating" by invading and bombing the heck out of Georgia. 2,000 dead in one day? Where's the proof? If there are 2,000 bodies - who killed them? The very second it supposedly happened - the Russians were already bombing? Notice how there aren't any journalists claiming it - only Russian officials and propagandists.

Here's a quote from the middle of an article from August 9th, by REUTERS:

Ukraine, a former Soviet republic whose pro-Western government now wants membership of NATO and the European Union, had encouraged Georgia to carry out "ethnic cleansing" in South Ossetia, the Russian foreign ministry said.

Russia, which sent in tanks to back the South Ossetians, said its forces had "liberated" the enclave's capital, but Georgia said Tskhinvali was under its "complete control".

A Russian journalist said the South Ossetian capital had been badly damaged. "The town is destroyed. There are many casualties, many wounded," Zaid Tsarnayev told Reuters from Tskhinvali.

Russian jets carried out up to five raids on mostly military targets around the Georgian town of Gori, close to the conflict zone in South Ossetia, a Reuters reporter at the scene said. At least one bomb hit an apartment block, killing 5 people.

A woman knelt in the street and screamed over the body of a dead man as the bombed apartment block burned nearby. Another old woman covered in blood stared into the distance and a man knelt by the road, his head in his hands.

In Tbilisi, people were nervous but defiant. Most supported Saakashvili but had been shocked by the Russian reaction.

"To fight Russia is crazy," said music studio owner Giga Kvenetadze, 30. "But I do support Saakashvili ... And what Russia is doing is wrong. They must stop."

Russia's ambassador to Georgia, Vyacheslav Kovalenko, said at least 2,000 civilians had been killed. Georgian officials said 129 Georgias had been killed and 748 injured.

It's a modus operandi of propagandists to make up massacres and try to completely distort reality - as was the case in Jenin.

Notice how from day one the Russians already marked their next target - Ukraine.

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