Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post Zionism to replace Judaism and Patriotism curriculum at Israeli schools

A Hebrew article at Walla informs us that Yuli Tamir - the far left "peacenick" minister of education in Israel has taken out studies of 100 items in Zionism, Judaism and Democracy and replaced it with a "universal" program. The new program focuses on Family, Violence, Equality, Social Justice and Environmentalism.

To me it sounds like taking the pledge of allegiance out of schools here in the US and replacing it with Marxist studies. What's next Yuli? Now that you put in the revisionism of "Nakba" into Israeli schools, taken out Zionism, put in "social justice, equality and environmentalism", cut funding to pre-military religious studies (Mechina) and immigration integration programs (Ulpan) - what's the next move? Want to teach kids that you think that there's no God perhaps? Want to replace science with witch craft? Perhaps Mathematics with anarchism? Yuli Tamir is on a mission - an extreme far left mission which might be applied anywhere in the west if allowed. Her actions are a glowing warning sign as to what can happen when an extremist (left or right) is allowed to manipulate curriculum.

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