Tuesday, August 12, 2008

O'Reilly interviewed antisemitic conservative hack Buchanan again on Radio, hope not to see him on TV today.

Seriously, for the host of the #1 news show on TV to not get it - to purposely coddle with this vile creature is beyond annoying. O'Reilly - who gives a comfortable stage for CAIR's stooges to disperse their propaganda - who defended Jimmy Carter after he released his anti-Semitic book calling Israel an apartheid state - O'Reilly - who sees nothing wrong with prosecuting a student for hate crime, because he flushed a Koran. O'Reilly who refused to associate the French Intifada with Islam - that O'Reilly has the number one show on cable news channels, and he still sees nothing wrong with Buchanan. I stopped watching Hannity and Colmes a while ago, I still try to give Bill O'Reilly a chance - but he's really putting it to the test every time he calmly interviews an overt Anti-Semite and never challenges him on how his views always emerge from Jew-Hatred.

Buchanan the racist dog is not a valid pundit on the presidential race - he is a racist dog and ought to be shun by respectable news broadcasters and anchors.

I will forgo the attempt to prove how vile ol' Patty is. Here's a photo that should speak volumes, and for a full background - click on the photo for a search in LGF for Buchanan.

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