Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Car theft as a means of war against Jews - sounds like a joke, very serious issue

In an article in Hebrew on Haaretz's "Walla" site - a gang of car thieving Arabs some with Israeli citizenship was caught and it appears that while a few Jews were part of that gang, the gang made sure to return any vehicle it stole from an Arab by mistake to it's owner, while providing the Jewish vehicles to the PA (where other news bits let us know those are used by PA officials).

As is said in the article, this is nothing new - even before, Arab car thieves made sure to steal only from Jews. I'm wondering out loud - how many of the Arabs released on every "gesture" to Abbas are thieves? Even scarier - how many are rapists (of Jews only of course)? How many are drug dealers? Every further step in the shameful peace process is further danger to Israeli citizens.

There were enough instances where Arabs with Israeli citizenship who were already released from Jail for "criminal" actions and not "terrorist" ones joined the terrorists and either committed terror later on (like in Jerusalem the last 3 times), or provided logistic assistance with stolen vehicles. Arab criminals and Arab terrorists in Israel are intertwined. (It is also intertwined elsewhere, like south America, Michigan USA - and other places)

Arabs in Israel recruit criminal Arabs to participate in the war on Jews, and those Arab criminals are gleefully contributing their part to that war. With all that being said, it is just shamefully awful that Arab car thieves who are repeating offenders keep getting sentenced to short term incarcerations and are usually released earlier for "good behavior" (euphemism for not murdering anyone while in prison) or as "good will gesture in the peace process". Judges in Israel should stop sending participants in war on Jews to a 2 years resort for training and recruitment.

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